.MA domain name must follow these guidelines:


+ Foreign companies and individuals are welcomed to register their .MA domain names. No ID/paperwork is required and registration can be done online.
+ Domain names are registered on the "first come, first served" basis.
+ Are not accepted domain names that are related to racism, illegal activities, or harm the national security, public order or religion.
+ Any physical person or legal entity can register MA domain name regardless its nationality. However, it must be done through MA domain name registrar.
+ Internic.ma is not responsible for any damage caused by an MA domain name registration.


+ Domain name must be at least 2 characters and no more than 63 characters long without the MA category extension (example: in domain XXXX.ma, this limitation relates to the XXXX).


+ Domain name can contain only latin letters ( a - z ), latin letter with accents (à, â, ç, è, é, ë, î, ï, ô, ù, û, ü, ÿ), numbers ( 0 - 9 ) and hyphens ( - ) [Hyphens are accepted as long as it is not in the 3rd or 4th position (example: do--main.ma is not allowed)] or a combination of these.
+ Note that Domain Names are not case sensitive. This means there will be no distinction made between upper case letters and lower case letters (A = a). We recomend the use of lower case letters always.
+ Special characters (such as !, $, &, ", and so on) are not currently acceptable.

+ Domain name must start and end with an alphanumeric character, not a hyphen.
+ Domain name can not contain any space.
+ Registrants shall not choose labels formed of obscene and/or abusive words or combinations of words, as well as any label contrary to public interest. and good manners. When the requested label can cause confusion, the registrant shall choose another name.


Internic.ma lists here the reserved terms provided as it is in french by the ANRT.