What does .MA domains stand for?

Country-code Top-level Domains are two-letter top-level domains especially designated for a particular country or autonomous territory to use to service their community.
In this case, the abbreviation .MA is used to identify domain names that belong to Morocco - .MA Domains.

What is the time-frame for registration for .MA domain names?

Registration of .MA domain names takes an average of 2-3 business days.

What are the requirements for .MA domain name registration?

There are no registration requirements for this domain extension except the administratrive contact must reside in Morocco.

What are the syntax rules for .MA domain names?

Your .MA domain name must follow these guidelines:

+ Domain name must be at least 2 characters and no more than 61 characters long without the MA category extension (example: in domain XXXX.ma, this limitation relates to the XXXX)
+ Domain name can contain only latin letters ( a - z ), numbers ( 0 - 9 ) and hyphens ( - ) or a combination of these. This Character Set is called LDH: Letters, Digits, Hyphens ( a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o p q r s t u v w x y z 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 - )
+ Note that Domain Names are not case sensitive. This means there will be no distinction made between upper case letters and lower case letters (A = a). We recomend the use of lower case letters always
+ Special characters (such as !, $, &, ", and so on) are not currently acceptable
+ IDN (Internationalized domain name) with sepcial charcaters are not allowed
+ Domain name must start and end with an alphanumeric character, not a hyphen
+ Domain name can not contain any space
+ Registrants shall not choose labels formed of obscene and/or abusive words or combinations of words, as well as any label contrary to public interest and good manners. When the requested label can cause confusion, the registrant shall choose another name

How do I register a .MA domain name?

You must start by checking if your .MA domain name is available. You can do this by using our domain search application. After you do that you must fill up our order request form and pay online.

Is physical presence required to register .MA domain name ?

No physical presence is required to register .MA domain name, but the administratrive contact must reside in Morocco.

What is the advantage of registering .MA domain name ?

The top-level domain .MA is the top level domain indicator assigned to the country of Morocco. Since .MA enables you to protect your business online, a domain with .MA makes your web address unique and easy to memorize. Also, you can still find a lot of valuable domain names with .MA tld unlike other extensions ! .MA is also liked by MAssachusetts residents in U.S.A.

What is the sponsoring organization of .MA domain name in Morocco ?

Agence Nationale de Réglementation des Télécommunications (ANRT)
Avenue Ennakhil, Complexe d'Affaires
Aile Sud , Hay Ryad
Rabat 10100

Email: ma@anrt.ma
Voice: +212 537 71 84 00
Fax: +212 537 71 64 89

The URL of NIC Morocco is: http://www.registre.ma

What types of payment do you accept ?

Currently, we provide credit cards payment (all major cards), paypal and and wire transfer.

Do you require any ID or documentation for registering .MA domain names ?

No documentation nor ID is required. Registration is done online after the client submit its contact information and pay the fees.

Do you speak french ?

Yes, our customer service will be happy to assit you in both english and french.

Do you have a list of reserved domain names that are not allowed for registrations under the Morocco domain laws ?

Yes, there is a non exhaustive list currently in french for reserved domains.

Are there any additional fees for .ma?

No, our fees are clear and include local presence for free.

WHOIS Privacy service available ?

No. At present the .ma domain zone does not provide means to hide the information cpr144449003101 of the domain owner. All information (name, address, email, etc.) will be displayed in WHOIS.